How COULD She?

How Could She? is Kristen Becker's first live album. A ten year comedy veteran, Becker has toured North America from top to bottom, gathering countless accolades along the way. How Could She? blends hilarious, razor sharp new material with a dash of time-tested fan favorites. Becker's signature no holds barred, brazen, point of view comedy is on full display with every track. Download the entire album for $9.99, and bring a little bit of Becker into your home today.

Please note: To enjoy How Could She? on your phone or mobile device, you must first download the album to your computer, then upload it to your phone.

Price: $6.99
Wanna see the tracks on "How Could She?" Behold. Wanna download individual tracks? Behold the buttons. They're just $.99 each. 1. North and South
2. Hate Group Map
3. Dykes of Hazard
4. En-Gay-ged
5. IN-LAWS??
6. Kids
7. Satan is a nerd
8. FB
9. Drinky Drink
10. Me and Vicki
11.Suing Barbie
12. Boot
13. Broccoli